Peak Profits LLC offers marketing, administrative, and bookkeeping support to individuals, nonprofit organizations, and small to medium-size businesses in a variety of industries.

We understand that small business owners are great at what they do, whether it be in sales, service, construction, or consulting…but perhaps they need a little help or a little more time to handle the marketing and administrative tasks required to run their business. That’s where we can help.

Let Peak Profits LLC be your office support. We’ll work with you to find and implement strategies that will bring about peak profits for your business.

Give us a try with our free, no obligation LinkedIn Strategy Review Consultation. We’ll take a look at your existing LinkedIn profile and make recommendations for achieving your goals with that social media platform. To get started, simply fill out our short consultation form and we’ll get started.

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Peak Profits LLC launches Linked for Business Growth division

In response to the demand for LinkedIn training and resources, Peak Profits LLC has launched

This site is the premier resource for learning how to align your use of LinkedIn to match your business and personal goals.

Check out our training schedule here.



Our VAs support businesses in the areas of:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Office Administration
  • Information Management

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Looking for a presenter for your next business gathering? Cathy Yerges is available to speak to your group on the topics of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.  Contact us today to book your event.

The Power of Email Marketing

Learn how to use email marketing as an effective and cost-efficient tool to connect with your customers, share your message, and grow your business.

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

We’ll show you how to use social media to engage with your customers and ultimately grow your business.

Using LinkedIn to Conquer the Know, Like & Trust of the Sales Equation

Learn how to use LinkedIn as a tool to engage with your prospects and build trust before jumping to the sale.

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